Dolly’s Day Out

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It’s been such a long time since I’ve written here.  Life became so busy and sometimes overwhelming and I kind of forgot about one of the things that helps to keep me centered. Expressing myself and writing out my thoughts keeps my brain clear and less foggy  I still have “oh, look a shiny!” moments but at least for the most part I my thoughts are more focused when I write things and get out all the rambling..

Big Daddy and I are coming up on 1 year together next month and I still can’t believe how fast time has flown by!  Its been a happy and exciting year and I’ve loved every minute of it.  Every now and then life steps in with challenging things to try and bring you down but we have only grown stronger.  Everyday I realize just how fortunate I am.

Today he and I were having some quiet time. One of the things we like to do sometimes is cuddle while he reads to me.  I absolutely love those moments!  Lots of times the stories focus on Princess’.  They make me smile.  So fast forward to this evening. We logged for the night, i watched a few shows and then I tried to do some reading and get a little sleep but no dice.  Someone *coughBigDaddycough* took all the sandman’s sand and I ended up wide awake. So I decided to take some pictures.  Not suprisingly but totally not planned I ended up with sort of a princess theme.  Go figure…

Anyway I guess I’ve rambled on enough with my sleep deprived brain.  I will probably read this tomorrow and think “what the french toast was I talking about?”  Regardless, here’s a few pics that I took.  I did a little playing around with windlight and also tried a few new tricks in Photoshop and voila!  My version of The Princess and the Frog 🙂

















Shape up or ship out!

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I stepped out and did a blog challenge last week and I felt pretty good about it afterwards.  I’ve been in this writing slump lately and just haven’t been able to get myself in the frame of mind to write something that I know I don’t even want to read much less you guys!  What I’m thinking is this though, If I start out by at least doing these blog challenges then maybe it will spark something and that good old creativity will come out!  Insomnia is kicking my bum tonight and I figure this is the perfect time to get started!

So here we go…challenge #2 for me.  This one was about our sl avatars and proportions and such.  I’ve changed my skin a million times and probably will a million more.  My shape itself has gone from very thin to pleasingly plump to where it is now somewhere in the middle.  I’m fairly happy with my proportions and the plus side is I know Big Daddy is very happy so I’m pretty sure this is where I’ll stay.  Well for a while anyway until I change my mind again.  *giggles*  I don’t know.  I in my mind I think what the heck.  This is SL and you can be whatever you want to be so why not have fun with it!

Ok, enough of my rambling.  The details to this challenge can be found in Strawberry Singh’s blog

Proportions Challenge Questions:

  1. Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? Actually I don’t really think much about “average” proportions.  I just adjust my shape according to what I think looks good.  In fact in the SL world I’m considered pretty short.  I like being fun-sized and I’m sure that part won’t change much even if the rest does.  I tried being a little taller and that lasted all of about 3 days,lol
  2. What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? I think my main issues is that sometimes it takes a little finesse to keep your shape looking curvy and not misshapen when you adjust the sliders.
  3. Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? I wouldn’t say it bothers me as much as sometimes I look at people and think “what the French toast?”. 
  4. Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? I don’t really thing there is an “average”  People come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and it should be the same in SL.  If we all looked the same what fun would that be?



Kai’s Digits:

Height –6’0″ using the Avatar Ruler)
Body Fat: 25
Head size: 40
Torso Muscle: 29
Breast Size: 60
Torso length: 43
Love Handles: 31
Belly Size: 10
Leg Muscle: 45
Leg length: 45

Hip width: 59
Butt Size: 50
Saddle Bags: 31



Kai The Movie

•June 11, 2013 • 2 Comments

I spend  a good portion of my day pouring over blogs of people that I admire. I really enjoying seeing the creativity that I see throughout the day.  Often it inspires me to try to try my hand at things and see what I can accomplish as well.  Sometimes in cases like today there is a tad bit of fear and insecurity attached.

One of the people that I admire is Strawberry Singh.  I love reading her blogs and I’ve learned quite a lot from her over the past couple of months.  Every week she comes up with a new meme or challenge for bloggers to do.  I love looking over the awesome photos that everyone comes up with and reading their blogs about it.  Each week I say to myself “maybe I’ll give it a try” and each week I chicken out.

This week I finally decided to just fight past all my fears and give it a try.  Les Misérables is one of my favorite books and movies and I decided to use that as my inspiration today.  I hope I did it at least a little bit of justice!

So any way here’s the picture and if you want to step out and give it a try you should! go there!  Read her, love her, follow her and give her cookies!

Until later, my squishies, Kai ❤


When life gives you lemons…

•March 17, 2013 • 3 Comments

When life gives you lemons, keep them…because well hey, free lemons right?  So life has been chucking those lemons at me left and right lately.  Rude much?  Yeah I think so too.  I have to admit a few of them hit pretty hard and for a while I just sat down and kind of curled up in a ball and covered myself up.  Eventually that gets old though and one thing you can say about me i’m pretty resilient.  I may be down but i’m not out!

I woke up this morning with an epiphany. Instead of ducking all those lemons its time to grab a bowl and start collecting some!  I consider myself to be a fairly creative person (well most of the time)  So time for me to think outside the box and come up with ways to take those lemons and make orange juice!  Fooled you didn’t I?  You thought I was going to say lemonade but instead I said orange juice…I’m tricky like that! *giggles*

What does it all mean?  Time for me to pull a rabbit out of my hat and leave you thinking “How did she do it?” .  I mean…I had those sour pucker face lemons and now I have sweet tasty orange juice!  Big Daddy has been instrumental in this change in view.  He has a good way of making me see the sweet side.  A way of standing behind me while I look at life’s sometime weird quirky art and then tilting my head just a tad and saying, “Look at it this way, Baby.”

So, here’s da cold hard lemon facts:

  1.  My PC suddenly crashed and I’m not sure right this second how i’m going to get it back up and running
  2.  Even when I do I may very well lose all my music and pictures etc
  3.  I can’t DJ while the PC is down
  4. My laptop is old and struggles and lags greatly on Sl.

 BUT! Here’s some nice sweet orange facts:

  1.  I have Big Daddy holding my hand through it all
  2.  Even if I lose the music…well music is replaceable.  Its not like it disappears from the world, I can get more and hey its just an opportunity to find even more great stuff;
  3.  I have Big Daddy
  4. The lappy struggles but it still runs and i’m still able to BE there and spend time with friends and family
  5.  I have Big Daddy (are you sensing a theme here?).

Bottom line and the meaning behind this long rambling post?  Yes, life gave me lemons but i’m not going to chuck them back or duck and hide or even make lemonade.  I’m going to perk up, use the creativity that the creator him/herself has given me and make something incredible and sweet out of them.  Every problem is a lesson learned and an opportunity to be a stronger better me!

Muchos besos ~ Many Kisses,Kaileebaby aka Princess Lemon Transformer



In Which the Princess and Her Prince are One…

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Growing up I loved Disney and all the stories about Princesses and how their lives always went from sad and lonely to having all their dreams come true.  Just fairytales right?  No, not at all.  I’ve found out that fairytales really can happen.  That after sad times in our lives and too many frogs to count…sometimes the unexpected happens and hopes and dreams come to pass.  

Big Daddy makes me feel like a princess every single day.  Feb. 23rd was no exception.  On that day we became man and wife and I became the happiest girl in the world.  It was the wedding of my dreams and no detail was missing.  Beautiful forest surroundings, cobblestone walkways and bridges, flowers and twinkling lights and a horse drawn carriage.  He said I was his princess bride and he made sure that on that day it was truly so.  All of our friends and family were there surrounding us and it was the most perfect day ever!  I could not have dreamed it better.

So now we begin our journey and the next step in our lives together and I hold tightly to his hand.  Now on to setting up our new home and land and the fun of decorating and landscaping!  He is my prince, my love, my Big Daddy and the man of my dreams.


To the moon and back

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I haven’t written in a a little while but not for a bad reason.  Things have been moving at the speed of light.  Big Daddy and I had talked about getting married but he’d always said “in time” or “down the line”  as in it would happen but no time soon.  Being the sneaky man that he is however he surprised me and in front of a room full of our closest friends he asked me to marry him and I said yes….well ok truthfully I said “wait, what?  Are you serious?”  and then I said yes!

He has made me the happiest woman alive and we have been busy little bees as we prepare for our big day just about a week and a half from now.  I’m nervous, exhausted, excited and oh so happy.  I can’t wait until I am finally and completely married to the man of my dreams.  There will be more exciting details to come as we work our way to our special day.

I love you, Big Daddy and I’m so very happy to be your babygirl and soon to be your loving wife!




•February 1, 2013 • 1 Comment

F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real

Sometimes that little sliver of fear slips in and grips my heart with its cold cold fingers.  Like everyone else I’ve loved and lost before.  You pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move forward.  There is a difference in this relationship with Big Daddy though.  I’ve dropped all barriers and walls and lay myself bare for this man.  Each and every nerve ending exposed to him.  I love him something fierce and the thought of that being taken away paralyzes me.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t believe that he’s going anywhere.  This connection we have is too amazing but sometimes the mind plays tricks on you and just enough of those doubts slip in that you tremble just a little.  I sit back every day and watch the people we love so dearly find love and then lose it.  That is a very scary thing.  Couples who seemed so perfect together just falling apart.

So, yeah…I have fears.  Each and every time though he lifts my chin to look into his eyes and tells me in that loving sweet voice of his that everything will be all right.  You know what else?  I  believe him…


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