A picture is worth a thousand words…

There is no denying I’m spoiled rotten.  Big Daddy says he wants me to feel like a princess every single day and he works hard to make sure that is the case.  Never in my life have I ever feel so completely taken care of.  I’m a lucky girl and I know it.  I only hope that I can make him feel as loved and special as he makes me feel.

So…yesterday we celebrated one month together.  I thought it was awesome that he came to see me and we spent time together but was he done?  ooh no…I have developed 2 things that I just love doing and while I’m not the greatest at them I have tons of fun doing them.  One is blogging and writing out all the stuffs in my head and the other is taking pictures.  The pics part I’m new to but I’m having a blast playing around and learning!

Daddy says he wants to help me to explore and be the best at whatever I want and he gave me a surprise that almost made me pass out after I squealed so loud they could hear me 3 states over!  He bought me this amazing (and extremely expensive) photo studio!  Yeah, I know…I’m a ridiculously spoiled brat!  It’s ok though because I plan to do my best to pour so much love on this man he could bathe in it!

Now off to take some pictures!

Kaileebaby aka brat girl ❤


~ by kaileesoulstar on January 25, 2013.

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