Little things revisited…

Long distance relationships are tough, there is no two ways about that.  Technology today makes it a little bit easier though.  We have skype, phones, texting, emails and of course Secondlife (where we met).   Big Daddy though in all his awesomeness does the little things that make it all so amazing and so worth it.

He had to go away on a business trip for a few days and at first I was really sad knowing I would miss our contact.  However he has made sure to do every little thing he can to make sure that I know that I am still loved and to keep a smile on my face.  Sweet little notes and surprises each day.  All the little things that serve to make me fall deeper in love with him each passing moment.

Thank you Big Daddy for being the amazing man you are!  I love you for eternity!




~ by kaileesoulstar on January 29, 2013.

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