Kai The Movie

I spend  a good portion of my day pouring over blogs of people that I admire. I really enjoying seeing the creativity that I see throughout the day.  Often it inspires me to try to try my hand at things and see what I can accomplish as well.  Sometimes in cases like today there is a tad bit of fear and insecurity attached.

One of the people that I admire is Strawberry Singh.  I love reading her blogs and I’ve learned quite a lot from her over the past couple of months.  Every week she comes up with a new meme or challenge for bloggers to do.  I love looking over the awesome photos that everyone comes up with and reading their blogs about it.  Each week I say to myself “maybe I’ll give it a try” and each week I chicken out.

This week I finally decided to just fight past all my fears and give it a try.  Les Misérables is one of my favorite books and movies and I decided to use that as my inspiration today.  I hope I did it at least a little bit of justice!

So any way here’s the picture and if you want to step out and give it a try you should!  http://strawberrysingh.com/ go there!  Read her, love her, follow her and give her cookies!

Until later, my squishies, Kai ❤



~ by kaileesoulstar on June 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Kai The Movie”

  1. Beautiful. I’m so glad you decided to join the challenge this week and I hope you do more! ❤

  2. That’s one of my favourite books, too. Lovely poster!

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